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[27 June 2008]
Indico v0.96.2 is released
New features:
  • Timezone awareness
  • Short url for main event webpage
  • "Login as..." capability
  • More...
[07 August 2007]
Indico v0.94.0 is released
New features:
  • Room booking module
  • Evaluation form module
  • Poster generation for lectures
  • More...
[05 April 2007]
Indico v0.92.2 is released
New features:
  • Fixed cross-site scripting security issue
  • Latest news link in main menu
  • Added RSS feed for all categories
  • Added cache on overview main page
  • More...
[09 February 2007]
Indico v0.92.1 is released
New features:
  • Badge generator for conferences
  • Conference display: Added the possibility of specifying a created page as default "home page" of the conference
  • Support file upload to category
  • Account creation can now be moderated or be notified to site administrators
  • Site admins can disable account creation
  • Task management module per category
  • More...
[25 August 2006]
Indico v0.90.3 is released
New features:
  • Administration: Add announcement feature

Bug fixes:
  • Timetable management: Fix rights checking for contribution creation in sessions
[3 August 2006]
Indico v0.90.2 is released
New features:
  • Conferences:
    • Author index: added coauthors
    • Allow to enter modification key
    • Added new timeschedule management interface
    • Registration form:
      • Added "Id" + sorting in the registrants list (Management area)
      • Added E-Payment module
  • Meetings:
    • Automatically solve timing conflicts
    • Disable session slots
    • Possibility to send alarms to all participants of the event, with address list created at the moment of sendind the email
    • Participants list displayed on the main screen of the event
    • Added video/audioconference info in all display styles
  • All:
    • Listings: All contributions' speakers list
    • PDFs are UTF-8 compliant
    • Added plugins system
    • Added merge user function
    • Inline minutes style: added minutes for subcontributions
    • Replaced icon keys with hover explanation bubbles in all styles
    • Indico mini logo in conf page leads to parent category instead of home page
    • Added menu in calendar view
    • Check uploaded file size > 10b else display warning message
    • Added background images to management area
    • replaced old file management system with new one
    • Improved category export to ical (for Google Calendar compatibility)
    • Alarm put in a separate page - Icon in tools
    • Added possibility to search for existing users to add as conveners from session modification interface
    • Log infos about creating / deleting sessions, slots, contributions and subcontributions
    • Added possibility to add chairpersons directly from conference/meeting/lecture creation interface
    • 'Type' and 'Board' fields in conference creation form available only for conferences
    • Added possibility to define conveners directly from contribution creation interface
    • Added changing password feature for local accounts
    • Interface for creating new contributions unified for whole Indico
    • Added possibility to define authors, coauthost and speakers directly from contribution creation interface
    • Action & Email log module
    • Participants module for lectures and meetings
[28 Mar 2006]
Indico v0.8.14 is released
New features:
  • Conferences:
    • Registration form:
      • Added radio buttons type(called multiple options/one choice) for the general registration fields.
      • Added tool to create generic statuses for the registrants (with export to Excel or PDF). E.g. One can create status as "paid", "vegetarian", etc and fill the info when the registrant arrives during the check-in.
      • Sending email to the managers (notification emails for the registration form) when someone modifies his/her registration.
      • Registrants list (Management Area): Improved display options. Two headers display (classifying by groups) and sorting by any field.
    • Abstracts:
      • Excel output for the list of abstracts.
      • Now possible to "propose to accept"/"propose to reject" the same abstract several times by the same track coordinator.
  • Meetings:
    • Clone feature accessible directly from meeting display
    • Overview: added link on meeting sessions pointing directly to the session in the timetable
    • Added display of small file icons for standalone ppt/doc/pdfs in the timetable
  • All:
    • Room mappers (admin area): generic support for different room mapping softwares for different locations.
    • Added the database protection parameters to the config file (config.xml).
    • Added the color chart for choosing the background/foreground colors of the conference title (Management Area>Display).
    • Material public management:
      • New file upload feature for normal users (multiple upload)
      • Added file size and date in public file upload screen
      • Added file size and date + file conversion feature in public file upload screen
    • Moved session closing button "main" tab to "tools" tab.
    • Added possibility to export a whole category to iCal.
    • Added ical to output formats.
    • Event creation buttons are entirely clickable, not only on the text link.
    • Alarms: Added creator to the list of FROM addresses and Removed the title of the event (no valid email address).
    • General: In the search of users (adding users as managers, access control rights, etc) not showing them when the account is not activated.
    • Improved the display of the date in the list of events within categories (if the event is over several days).
    • Added parameter to remove the header/footer: frame=no or fr=no.
    • [already in 0.8.13 but not announced] Added timetable and all the material to the 'offline website'.
[07 Feb 2006]
Indico v0.8.13 is released
New features:
  • Conferences:
    • Registration Form:
      • Possibility to create new general sections with specific form fields (textareas, checkboxes, etc) in the registration form.
      • Allows to sort the different sections of the registration form.
      • Displays registration info after someone registers.
      • Added "address" field to the list of fields displayed in the list of registrants (mngt area)
    • New tool to create web pages in Indico by using an HTML WYSIWYG editor. Those pages which relate to a given conference can be added to the menu as done for external links.
    • Book of abstracts can be created from the management area, specifically from contribution list.
  • Meetings:
    • Modified philosophy for material access control:
      • If there are two different keys for the event and a material, both keys are requested to the user in order to access.
      • If both keys are the same, the request is done only once.
  • All:
    • Possibility to use '*' to list all the groups/users from the administration area.
    • Improved display for minutes.
    • Added name of the event creator in the management area interface.
[01 Feb 2006]
Indico chosen by the ILC
The International Linear Collider Organisation chooses Indico as its official event management tool. The dedicated server is currently hosted by CERN.
[07 Sep 2005]
Indico v0.8.0 is released
This new version contains a lot of bugfixes, improvements and a list of new key features, including:
  • The cloning of conferences, meetings and lectures has been greatly improved and is now fully operational.
  • The addition of new speakers, authors or managers not yet known to the system will now trigger an automatic request of registration.
  • The coordination control management has been refined: coordinators may now have different roles.
  • The submission of material/files has been improved by simplifying the interface.
  • The conference management module can be customised by enabling/disabling features (call for abstracts, registration, etc.)
  • Text colors for session, contributions and breaks can also be customised.
  • Many new time table views are available.
  • New recovery system: The system administrator can now easily recover a specific element of indico by using the backup files (e.g. contributions, sessions, conferences,...)
  • The new Ticker Tape feature allows displaying dynamic announcements about what's currently happening in the conference.
  • Help was quite extended and improved.
[01 Jul 2005]
CERN Indico demonstration server launched
Check - The server has been loaded with all data from the CDS Agenda production server and shows the whole potential of the Indico software.
[17 Jun 2005]
Indico v0.6.24 released
[02 Jun 2005]
CDSware and Indico brochures available
Leaflets describing CDS products have been released: the CDSware brochure and the Indico brochure are available for download.
[01 Apr 2005]
Indico project on LCG Savannah
Check the
bug tracker, and task manager.
[07 Mar 2005]
Indico guides released
Indico guides for end users and for conference administrators are now available:
[17 Feb 2005]
Indico v0.6.0 released
This new version contains a lot of bugfixes, improvements and a list of new key features, including:
  • ZODB3-3.3: Indico is using the new faster ZODB3-.3.3 database.
  • NICE: Indico lets you login using remote authentication. On your current CERN NICE/MAIL account can be used.
  • Registration form: Indico enables adding and customising a registration form for your conference.
  • Packaging and installation: the distribution and installation of InDiCo was improved using an XML configuration file.
[01 Feb 2005]
Indico is installed in new places ! The Technical Knowledge Center of Denmark, the FontisMedia Event Organiser and the DESY laboratory are already running their own installation of Indico.
[27 Sep 2004]
InDiCo, the software behind CHEP04 Conference ! CHEP 2004 Conference has started with more than 400 contributions and 500 participants. InDiCo software provides the computing support to the conference information. 30,000 hits per day are counted throughout the week. Slides and videos of plenary sessions are all available from the CHEP'04 conference site.
[07 Jul 2004]
First stable release of InDiCo goes live at CERN at! Version 0.4 is now packaged and ready for distribution. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.
[23 Apr 2004]
InDiCo Workshop takes place at CERN, starting at 2pm: results of the project and demonstrations of the conference management system.
[15 Aor 2004]
"10th Workshop on Electronics for LHC and future Experiments" will use InDiCo as the internal tool to manage the 2004 event, taking place in Boston next September.
[09 Feb 2004]
CHEP 2004 uses InDiCo: the Computing in High Energy Physics (CHEP) conference taking place in September 2004 has selected InDiCo to manage the event.